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Painting The Nursery: Two Tips To Make Sure You Don't Overdo It

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Getting the nursery ready for your first baby is such an exciting time. Putting together the new furniture, deciding on a theme and getting sucked into decorating the room is a lot of fun. However, all pregnancies have good days and bad, so it is important you take care not to over-exert yourself while you are getting this room ready for the new arrival. Keep these points in mind before you pull out your painting clothes so you can be sure the room gets prepared without putting your body under extra pressure.

Don't Paint In The First Trimester

During the first three months of your pregnancy, you are likely going to suffer morning sickness. The rising levels of your hormones lead to a heightened sense of smell during your pregnancy. When you combine your extra-sensitive nasal passages with rolling nausea that appears in the first three months of pregnancy, you likely are going to want to avoid being around anything with a strong smell.

This includes paint! So if you don't want to be rushing off to the bathroom on a regular basis, wait until the morning sickness period has passed before you consider painting the nursery. This normally disappears after the first trimester is done.

Paint Early In The Day

Another not-so-joyful body change during pregnancy is swelling. This happens because your body produces more blood and fluid to help the baby develop. This swelling will take place in your hands, legs, feet and face.

The swelling places your body under strain because you are now carrying more weight than you are used to. Additionally, swelling can be made worse when you spend long periods of time on your feet. As you move about your daily tasks, you will notice your body getting more swollen and tired until you find yourself exhausted at the end of the day.

Painting the nursery early in the day means your body will not have had a chance to swell yet. The extra fluid that built up the day before redistributes itself around the body while you are sleeping. A couple of hours of painting straight after breakfast means you won't be putting your swollen body under extra physical strain while you are moving around the nursery.

If at all possible, consider allowing a professional from a company like Allure Painting Services to do the nursery painting for you. Not only do they not have to deal with swelling or nausea like you do, but it is also much safer for them to be up a ladder painting the top of the room than it is for you to be. They can take care of all the risk, and you can simply enjoy the reward of having a beautiful nursery that looks just the way you wanted it to.