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Chipped Floors? 4 Steps To Fix Small Cracks In Your Tiled Flooring

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Tiled flooring looks good if maintained well and can last for a long time, but small chips and cracks will cause your floor surfaces to look unsightly and shabby. Replacing a tile or a whole set of tiles may seem expensive, especially when a simple fix is possible for the do-it-yourself homeowner. This guide will help you undertake simple steps to fix small cracks in your tiled flooring.

Gather Your Crack Repair Materials

For this crack repair task, you will need tile filler, a vacuum cleaner, a putty knife, sandpaper and a damp cloth. Tile filler is typically available in a paste form from most home improvement stores for easy application. You can get tile filler in a colour close to your existing tiles to avoid any glaring disparity. A putty knife and sandpaper can also be purchased from a home improvement or carpentry store. Make sure the sandpaper is medium-grit because coarse sandpaper will leave ugly abrasions on your tiles. Excessive tile damage means that you may have to eventually replace it.

Clean The Cracks And Area Surrounding Them

Use sandpaper to lightly sand the area in and around the crack. This will remove all embedded dirt from the surface, which will ultimately allow the tile filler to adhere better to your tile flooring. Once you have sanded the area lightly, vacuum the whole surface to remove any loose debris. Wipe away with a damp cloth to ensure that the entire flooring surface is clean.

Apply Tile Filler To Floor Surface

Since tile filler is available in a paste form, you simply need to generously apply it into the crack. Use a putty knife to push the filler into the crack or chip to fill it completely. You can also use a gloved finger to push the filler into the gaps for a thorough fill. Remove any excessive tile filler from the sides with a damp cloth to ensure a neat finish.

Let The Tile Filler Dry Before Using Your Flooring

Once you're satisfied with your tile filling application, you need to give it time to dry before using your floor surfaces once again. To accelerate the process of drying, you should ideally ventilate the room well. You'll also want to choose a dry and sunny day for this task. Make sure you follow the manufacturer's recommendations judiciously to ensure optimum drying for the best results.

These simple steps are easy to follow and will have your tiled flooring looking as good as new once again.