Granny Flats and Other Useful Ideas for Expansion

Home Solutions – Dealing with Blockages the Natural Way

Blocked drains can be a real hassle and may require the help of a professional plumber. Blocked drain clearing however can be performed without the need for harsh chemicals and can reduce the need of calling someone out to deal with the problem. Follow these useful tips to enable you to clear drain blockages in […]

Clogged Showers? 4 Quick DIY Tricks To Restore Your Shower Power

Clogged showerheads are exasperating for anyone because you cannot relax and unwind in your hot, steaming shower after a tough day. Most people assume that a clogged showerhead is the direct result of damaged internal pipes. While that may be true in some cases, sometimes showerheads clog simply because of mineral, calcium, lime and rust […]

3 Common Residential Plumbing Problems and When to Bring in the Pros

All homes should have a few essential tools to deal with plumbing emergencies in case they happen. Sometimes, all you need is a plunger to dislodge a clog in the drain, or some Teflon tape to temporarily seal a leak before it can be properly checked out and resealed. There are plumbing repairs that you […]

Things You Need to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Scissor Lift for Your Jobsite

For first-time users, there is a high risk of overlooking some important elements when hiring scissor lifts. This can jeopardise the quality if the service that you receive from the machine or compromise the safety of those who are using the machine that you have hired. Considering that you need the scissor lift to work […]

4 Things You Shouldn’t Put in Your Garbage Can

Having a waste collection service that hauls away all your household rubbish is a great convenience, but don’t assume everything that is trash should be put in the collection bin. Here are some things you should avoid putting in your garbage can or the local rubbish collection bin. Anything That Can Be Recycled Make sure […]

Tips for Demolishing a Shed

A shed can be a useful structure in your backyard that you use to house garden equipment or store other items for your home. However, you might have an older shed on your property that needs to be renovated. In most cases, it is best to demolish the entire old structure and build a completely […]

How to Build a Greener Home Extension

In the 21st century, climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing the planet. Because of this, many people are choosing to live their lives in greener ways, from cycling to work instead of driving to recycling as much as possible. But when you want to build an extension on to your home, […]

3 Critical Considerations for Choosing a New Cooling Tower

The cooling tower is an advantageous heat rejection device in commercial cooling applications. Basically, this type of system is designed reject the waste heat in business operations to the atmosphere through evaporation. In simple terms, water is used to absorb the heat from the HVAC systems or even industrial machinery. The heated water is cooled […]

Splashback Maintenance | 3 Steps To Remove Curry Stains From Your Glass Kitchen Splashback

A glass kitchen splashback creates a look of unrivaled beauty thanks to its clean lines and aesthetic simplicity. But this elegant glass splashback will begin to look old and unsightly if you allow stains from cooking to embed themselves deeply into the surface for too long. Curry stains are typically more stubborn than other types […]

Exterior Home Renovations: Top Tips for Transforming Your Patio Area

Planning for a renovation project presents an opportunity for you to increase both the functional and aesthetic appeal of your home. While so many homeowners often focus on remodelling their interior space, very few give enough attention to transforming their outdoor space. Here are a few essential tips you can follow when you are giving […]