Granny Flats and Other Useful Ideas for Expansion

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Tips on How to Use Rented Skip Bins Cost-Effectively

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In today’s world where it most often costs money to get anything done, several people are on the lookout for ways of saving a few bucks when they’re hiring skip bins to help get rid of garbage from their homes. If you fall under this category of skip bin users, here are a few effective tips on how you can use skip bin hire in a pocket-friendly manner. Strictly use the bins as required by law Read More»

Advice on how to wire a telephone by yourself

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Whether you need to install new phone lines and cables for your home or your business, provided that you have the necessary skills and experience, you can save money by telling the phone company that you will complete the installation process by yourself. However, if you have never completed a similar project before, you may cause some damage that will need to be fixed by a professional. You are in a position to install the phone line once the phone company has put in the outside cable, as well as the junction box that is installed within your home. Read More»

Useful tips on giving your patio a spring cleaning

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As the winter ends and the weather improves, you will want to start sitting out on your patio once again; however, after a winter of wind and rain, there will be a lot of weeds and debris that have infiltrated your patio. Therefore, you should give it a comprehensive spring cleaning before you set out all of your furniture and pots etc. Depending on how dirty or large the patio is, it will take time to give it a comprehensive cleaning, so you have to be patient and take your time. Read More»

Treason Against The Crown: When And How You Should Have A Tree's Crown Reduced

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Of all the many and varied services that tree surgeons and arborists offer, crown reductions are among the most drastic and potentially damaging to the health of a tree. Unlike other kinds of tree pruning used to merely thin or shape growth, the aim of crown reduction is to reduce the overall size and spread of a tree with extensive cutting and pruning. As you can imagine, such invasive surgery can severely damage and weaken a tree, particularly if the tree’s species does not tolerate pruning well, so it’s important not to reduce a tree’s crown without good reason. Read More»

Upholstery Repairs | 4 Steps to Remove Cigarette Burns from Fabric Upholstery

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Have you noticed a cigarette burn on your fabric upholstery? When a hot cigarette damages your precious upholstery, don’t panic! Upholstery repairs for cigarette burns are easier than you think. A few easy DIY steps will help you remove the cigarette burn stain from your fabric upholstery instantly. Cut the Edges of the Cigarette Burn Once you’ve located the cigarette burn, cut the blackened and stiff edges using a small and sharp scissor. Read More»

Why Only Professionals Should Overboard Your Wooden Floor with Structural Plywood

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Structural plywood refers to plywood that has been made to be very strong. There is no attention to esthetics since the plywood will be installed where it is not visible (such as on wooden floors before tiles are laid over them). Overboarding refers to the process of placing a thin layer of materials such as plywood on a floor in order to make it thicker or more stable before tiles are installed on that floor. Read More»

How Hiring a Plumber Can Help Defend Your Home Against Termites

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Pest control professionals are not the only people in the trade services business with a strategy to protect your home against termites. As well as builders, a plumber can reduce the risk of termite infestation at the building stage, but also can help to maintain defences after the home has been built. Because subterranean termites rely on the ground for moisture, any issues relating to water and drainage around a property can provide the right conditions for a termite infestation to thrive. Read More»