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Useful tips on giving your patio a spring cleaning

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As the winter ends and the weather improves, you will want to start sitting out on your patio once again; however, after a winter of wind and rain, there will be a lot of weeds and debris that have infiltrated your patio.

Therefore, you should give it a comprehensive spring cleaning before you set out all of your furniture and pots etc. Depending on how dirty or large the patio is, it will take time to give it a comprehensive cleaning, so you have to be patient and take your time.

By giving it one good clean after winter, you will only have to do small maintenance throughout the spring, summer and autumn. Here is some advice that will help you with the cleaning process.

Preparing the patio for cleaning

In order to have enough space to work in, as well as ensuring that you don't miss any areas or spots, you should completely clear the patio of any furniture, plants, etc. Any loose debris such as leaves and sticks should be brushed up so you know exactly what you are dealing with. You need to have all of the necessary equipment ready before you begin the job.

Make sure that you have a hose, stiff brush, a dedicated patio cleaning product and the necessary protection clothing such as gloves and eye protection. Some of the chemicals you may be using could be harmful to humans so you need to take every precaution.

Conducting the cleaning

The first thing you need to do is to wash down the entire area with water. While a pressure washer is preferred, as it gives a much more comprehensive and powerful clean, you can use a hose if you do not have access to a pressure washer.

You should then proceed to remove the weeds that have accumulated between the cracks and gaps of your patio. You can use any sharp edge such as a spade or a specific weeding tool to do this. Once you have gathered all of the weeds up, it is time to give the patio slabs themselves a good clean.

Following the directions of your patio cleaning product, create a solution with water. You can now use a stiff brush in order to use this solution to comprehensively clean any discolouring or stains from the patio. Once you have finished this brushing, you should rinse down the entire patio with water.

For more info on patios, their maintenance and potential updates, contact a contractor in your area.