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How Hiring a Plumber Can Help Defend Your Home Against Termites

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Pest control professionals are not the only people in the trade services business with a strategy to protect your home against termites. As well as builders, a plumber can reduce the risk of termite infestation at the building stage, but also can help to maintain defences after the home has been built.

Because subterranean termites rely on the ground for moisture, any issues relating to water and drainage around a property can provide the right conditions for a termite infestation to thrive. When it comes to defending against termites, here are some ways a plumber can help.

They Properly Seal & Install Showers & Toilets

If bathtubs or shower pans are not adequately sealed, water can seep through the recess to the concrete slab and soil below and increase the risk of termite entry. Termite collars should be installed at all areas where the concrete slab is penetrated by plumbing lines. Termite collars are fitted as moisture resistant seals around plumbing and electrical conduits, helping to prevent undetected termites gaining access into the home from the subfloor. 

Termites often gain entry to the home via moist bathrooms and laundries. A licensed plumber will know how to correctly install new plumbing fixtures to protect against leaks and make sure any wet areas are completely waterproofed.

Assess & Redesign Property Drainage

Poor drainage of wastewater that seeps into soil around the home helps provides an ideal nesting conditions for termites. If this damp and wet soil is under or around the base of the home it can provide an entry bridge for termites to access the home through the subfloor. This is why adequate drainage around the home is essential, especially for homes in regions with high yearly rainfall.

A plumber can also make sure downpipes, and other drainage around the home is working effectively. For property that experiences frequent flooding or water pooling, a newly designed drainage system may be recommended. This could include laying new drains, clearing blocked drains, and digging additional trenches to divert excess water away from the home. Plumbers can also ensure hot water pressure release valves do not overflow underneath or around the home.

Inspect & Repair Foundation Leaks

Finally, a plumbing company like Trade-Edge can test water pressure and inspect for leaks around the home's foundations. Any leaky plumbing under the home or around the subfloor should be repaired as soon as possible, and will also save money on water bills.

By ensuring proper site drainage, ensuring proper sealing of plumbing fixtures and repairing leaks as soon as possible, homeowners can reduce excess around the home and by association reduce the risk of termites. With the consequences doing nothing potentially resulting in a repair bill into the thousands, it could be one of the most important investments a homeowner makes.