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Upholstery Repairs | 4 Steps to Remove Cigarette Burns from Fabric Upholstery

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Have you noticed a cigarette burn on your fabric upholstery? When a hot cigarette damages your precious upholstery, don't panic! Upholstery repairs for cigarette burns are easier than you think. A few easy DIY steps will help you remove the cigarette burn stain from your fabric upholstery instantly.

Cut the Edges of the Cigarette Burn

Once you've located the cigarette burn, cut the blackened and stiff edges using a small and sharp scissor. Cut as little of the upholstery as possible, but make sure that you get rid of all the blackened damage thoroughly. If your upholstery has a specific pattern, cut along the pattern of the fabric, so that it doesn't look odd. For example, you may want to cut out a square hole along square-shaped patterns to maintain design consistency, instead of cutting out a round cigarette hole. Use a small scissor, to avoid taking off more fabric that necessary.

Locate Extra Fabric from Inconspicuous Areas of the Furniture

Look for a small piece of upholstery that can be cut away from your furniture without becoming obvious. You may need to look on the underside of your couch, underneath the skirting or behind the legs and armrests. Once you've found an inconspicuous area, cut a small portion that is a little bigger than the hole with the same sharp scissor. You will use this as a patch to cover up the cigarette hole.

Apply Fabric Glue and Place Fabric Patch in Hole

Once you're armed with the extra piece of upholstery, smear fabric glue on the edges of the cigarette hole on the underside of the fabric. You can use a small paintbrush to apply the glue evenly along the sides. Coat the edges well, so that the threads don't fray over time. Place the fabric cloth under the hole and adjust it properly so that it matches the fabric pattern perfectly. Fabric glue is available at a local home improvement store or online.

Let the Glue Dry

Once the glue has completely dried on your furniture, you will be able to use it once again –– and in most cases, you probably won't even notice the patch.  Check the manufacturer's guidelines on the glue pack to be sure of the drying time necessary for your upholstery. 

Follow these simple steps when undertaking upholstery repairs to fix cigarette burns in your furniture.

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