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4 Important Things to Consider When Renting Excavation Equipment

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Earthmoving can be a very difficult yet rewarding process if done right. Thanks to the increasing demand for raw materials, it is gradually becoming a lucrative venture that many are benefiting from. Acquiring the right excavation equipment plays a huge role on how much earth you can gain from your site, and that's why it has to be done right. Therefore, if you have just landed your first heavy duty excavation job, below are a few important things you need to take into account before hiring your earthmoving equipment.

Operational Versus Purchasing Cost 

Although you are not purchasing the equipment, operating them could be quite expensive. The excavation equipment includes excavating machinery as well as vehicles and all these need fuel. Therefore, you need to take into account the fuel consumption required for operations. Additionally, you also need to put aside money for onsite repairs in case of minor or major breakdowns. It is also advisable to consider the cost of servicing the machinery before usage. You can compare these long run operational expenses with the cost of purchasing the equipment yourself. Sometimes, it is cheaper to purchase in the long run.

How to Operate Them

As mentioned above, earthmoving can be a very difficult process and could involve the use of some complex machines. So, before hiring that equipment, you need to ask yourself whether you will be able to operate them in the first place. Furthermore, does operating them require training? If it does, what is the training period? Would you have to hire some technical help?

Material to Be Excavated

It is really important to know the type of material to be excavated before renting the equipment. Knowing will help you choose the right machine or vehicle for the job. For example, if the loading material is soft and smooth such as sandy or loam soil, then a wheel tractor scraper would just be enough for the job. However, if it is harder and rocky, a more heavy duty vehicle such as an articulated truck would suffice.

Condition of the Site

Before hiring equipment, you need to check the landscape of the site and whether it is prone to drastic weather changes. The last thing you want is to pay for spoilt hired equipment. Furthermore, the condition of the site would guide you on what vehicle to bring aboard. For example, if the surface is smooth, you would have to rent something with a bit of traction such as a hauler truck.