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Asbestos Management: Inspection Options for Removal Project

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The management of asbestos and general asbestos-containing materials is crucial in homes. This hazardous material is a natural silicate mineral with fibrous properties. If these particles are inhaled, they will cause health complications such as lung cancer and asbestosis, which is scarring of the lungs. Therefore, it is crucial to commission removal of the material from your building before the fibres are released. There are other management practices like sealing the asbestos with paint and wrapping, but removal provides a permanent and reliable solution. If you are planning on this type of project, it is important to hire an asbestos consultant to examine your home. Here is a description of the primary inspection types that you should commission for asbestos removal projects.

Management Inspection

If you are not planning on removing the asbestos immediately, you should request for a management inspection. This is a valuable choice if you do not have financial resources for asbestos removal or an alternative living space during the project. Basically, this type of evaluation aims to identify potential asbestos and provide reliable risk assessment. You can choose a presumptive evaluation, which identifies asbestos by pure observation. The more expensive but extremely accurate method involves taking samples from the structure and testing for the perilous substance. With management inspections, you can slowly plan on the most ideal way to remove the material.

Inspection for Renovation and Demolition

If you are planning to renovate the house or even demolish the structure, you will need a more intense inspection. The objective of this type of evaluation is to eliminate the risk of releasing dangerous fibres when the building is disturbed. Unlike management inspection, this alternative will require partial destruction of the building elements. This will allow the consultant to find the asbestos hidden in wall, floor and roof cavities. The discovered asbestos is usually removed after positive identification. Generally, you will be required to perform the renovation inspection even if you conducted a management inspection in the past. The thorough assessment can reveal materials that were overlooked.

Clearance Inspection

Clearance inspection is crucial after removal of the asbestos identified in management inspection. The process must also be performed before the demolition or renovation of the home. Basically, an asbestos consultant will test the affected areas to make certain that people can reoccupy the space. If the asbestos was boded into units, the clearance will involve visual examination. However, fibrous asbestos will necessitate air monitoring as well. The property will be cleared when the quantity of fibres in air become negligible.

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