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Critical Elements to Consider during Commercial Electrical Maintenance

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The electrical system is critical in commercial buildings, and its poor performance can contribute to significant inefficiencies in the workplace. Therefore, it is important to ensure that proper electrical preventative maintenance is performed in your business. This will ensure continued favourable functionality and reduce the risk of unexpected failures. Commercial maintenance should be performed by a qualified electrical expert for ideal results and safety. You can hire an in-house employee for constant monitoring and servicing or engage electrical contractors for periodic assessment. Regardless of your choice, here are the main elements that you should ensure are evaluated during preventative commercial electrical maintenance

Safety Devices

There are numerous safety devices installed in commercial electrical systems to minimise potential electrical shock hazards. These components also prevent damage to business appliances during blackouts and power surge events. It is essential for these devices to be inspected periodically to ensure that they are functional and can provide the required protection. The common devices that you should ensure are examined and replaced as necessary include circuit breakers, fuses, outlet surge protectors and even circuit fault interrupters. You should also ask your maintenance professional to look at issues such overloading of outlets by employees and the condition of extensions.

Back-Up Power

It is easy to overlook the backup power supply when the normal electrical system is performing consistently. The negligence of your commercial generator can be a costly and inconvenient mistake if the sudden need for the alternative power arises. Therefore, you should ask your electrical contractor or in-house employee to check on the generator and the attached wiring and accessories. The technicians should perform care practices to prevent rusting and corrosion of the generator parts. Moreover, the moving components should be well-lubricated for efficient future operation. These maintenance practices are particularly crucial when the forecast promises storms and other adverse weather conditions.

Energy Efficiency Factors

Commercial electrical maintenance should not only focus on restoring the function of the existing power supply structure. You should also consider improving the system for lower long-term costs in terms of operational bills. Therefore, it is important to request your electrical technician to assess the energy efficiency of your business premises during maintenance. The common elements that they can consider include the space lighting and the setup of HVAC systems. A good contractor will often recommend and execute solutions such as installation of energy-saving bulbs and usage of a programmable thermostat. For ideal results, you should discuss your power expenses concerns with the electrician before the maintenance process begins.