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All You Need To Know About Aged Timber Supplies

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Whether you are constructing a new home or embarking on renovations to your current residence, chances are you will require timber supplies. However, not many homeowners have heard of aged timber. Rather than using regular timber supplies, here are some of the things that you need to know about aged timber.

What is aged timber?

This type of timber is wood that is more seasoned than regular timber supplies. Not only does it look unique, it also has a range of other properties that make it more durable than regular timber supplies. This makes it a great option for low maintenance yet durable construction.

What are the types of aged timber?

Aged timber supplies are available in two main types:

  • Heat-treated timber: This type of aged timber is created by putting the wood through a special treatment process that comprises the use of heat and steam. No chemicals are used in the process. Once the timber supplies have been heat treated, they become less susceptible to structural problems such as shrinking, warping, or swelling. This is because the heat treatment minimizes the moisture content in the wood, thus making the timber supplies more durable than regular wood. Once the timber has been heat treated, it can be finished using oil, solvent or water-based finishes.
  • Seasoned timber: This type of timber supplies have gone through the aging process naturally. The wood is sourced from older trees or recycled timber products. These recycled timbers can be reclaimed from a range of different types of properties such as mills, homes, warehouses, wharves and more. Seasoned timber is more durable that regular timber supplies since they have been exposed to the elements over the course of their lifetime. This means they are less prone to succumbing to the effects of prevalent weather conditions or exposure to moisture.

What applications can aged timber supplies be used for?

Aged timber supplies can be used for a wide array of construction applications. You can opt to have the wood engineered to be used as flooring for your home. Alternatively, you can opt to have them installed as exposed beams and posts in your home for both functional as well as aesthetic reasons. You can also opt to coat the aged timber with waterproof finishes if you would like to use them as bench tops in your kitchen or bathroom. The applications for aged timber supplies are endless.