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Materials to Consider When Contemplating a Verandah

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One of the best things about Australian weather is your ability to create an outdoor living space that you can enjoy all year round. Although decks are a popular choice for this, another type of outdoor living space is a verandah. Depending on how spacious you design it, it could be a space to enjoy some quiet time soaking up the sun, or throw a snag on the barbie and host some friends. No matter your primary use for it, it is a great way of not only providing you with some extra space, but also upping the resale value of your home. So what are some of the materials that you can consider when contemplating a verandah for your home?

Wooden supplies for your verandah

One of the more popular options when it comes to erecting a verandah on your residence is wooden verandahs. Timber is not only aesthetically appealing, but it blends well with the outdoors. Hence, lending a rustic feel to your outdoor living space. Additionally, if you are looking for an option that will reduce your environmental impact, then you could opt for sustainable timber that is sourced from responsible methods. It should be noted though that timber will require extra maintenance measures to ensure that it does not succumb to consistent exposure to the weather elements. These measures may include staining the timber, weather proofing it and more.

Glass supplies for your verandah

If you have a modern home and would like to stick to this theme, then glass verandahs would be an ideal choice. Not only do these verandahs lend a contemporary design to the aesthetics of your home, but they also afford you unobstructed views of your property. This also ensures that you can make the most of natural light on your verandah. Typically, glass verandahs will comprise of tempered glass panels and toughened glass balustrades to ensure that the glass is not vulnerable to high impact.

Steel supplies for your verandah

Another contemporary option you could consider for your home is a steel verandah. With this type of structure, the frames and posts that hold up the verandah will be made from steel. You can then opt to have the walls made from a different material such as glass to enhance the sleek design. One of the benefits of steel verandahs is that they tend to be low maintenance, as they will not warp or be susceptible to rotting due to exposure to the elements. You can also opt to have the steel powder coated if you would want to add a pop of colour to your residence.