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Three Interesting Furniture Items To Make From Wooden Pallets

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Wooden pallets have become a trendy source of do-it-yourself furniture. Not only do pallets give the home handyman a free source of wood, but the timber is also usually in good condition. Before embarking on a pallet do-it-yourself furniture project, make sure that the pallet timber is free from discolouration or stains. These signs could mean that the pallet has been contaminated with a chemical, so please don't risk your health; discard of the pallet and find a clean one to use. There are endless furniture items that you can make from wooden pallets, and here are three ways you can recycle your pallets into interesting furniture pieces.

Outdoor Dining Furniture

If you don't have many skills with using power tools, but still want to make your own pallet furniture, this could be an easy project for you. Make your own outdoor dining furniture by stacking pallets. Stack two wooden pallets for a table, and stack two or three pallets for a large lounge surrounding the table. You will need at least six pallets for the lounge, but could easily use up to fifteen to make a large U-shaped lounge. Once you have the pallets in place, it's simply a matter of topping them with cushions. This is an easy way to make a relaxing outdoor entertainment or dining area.

Pet Houses

If you have a bit of skill with a hammer and saw, you could make your dog a new doghouse from a pallet or two. Deconstruct the pallet and hammer together your own design of a doghouse; you are limited only by your imagination! If you don't have a dog, you could make a cat house too, with little nooks for the cat to sleep in. Don't forget to include some carpet for your cat to scratch on. Your pets will love their new areas, and you will have great satisfaction from building these easy projects yourself.

Vertical Garden

For the simplest pallet project ever, you could easily turn a pallet into a vertical garden. Firstly ensure that your pallet has not been treated by inspecting the pallet for any printed symbols or letters. You can find guides online to determine what these letters mean. To be on the safe side, consider planting non-edible plants only in your pallet vertical garden. To make the vertical garden, line the sides and back of the pallet with black plastic or shade cloth. You will need to lean the pallet so it is leaning back slightly. Fill the pallet with potting soil, plant your seedlings, and watch your garden grow!

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