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Using a Portable Toilet Cleanly and Quickly: The Ultimate Guide for Women

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Portable toilets are a fact of life if you happen to enjoy going to outdoor festivals and cultural events. The portable toilet hire company do their best with regards to keeping each cubicle clean, but they can only do so much. It's arguably women who suffer more when a portable toilet is not clean since you will need to use the seat. There are a number of things you can do to ensure that you can use a portable toilet without having to worry about the mess that other thoughtless patrons might have left behind.   

1. The Cover

Take a look at the travel accessories rack the next time you're in a department store. Along with the travel adaptors and money belts, there will often be a pack of paper toilet seat covers in a resealable plastic bag. Just take one of these bags with you and you will instantly have a clean toilet seat to use. It certainly beats having to make an improvised toilet seat cover by laying down sheets of toilet paper on the seat. 

2. The Handles

A number of portable toilets have straps or handles located next to the seat. It's not the most comfortable way to use the toilet, but by putting your weight onto these straps or handles, you can squat above the toilet. This allows you to do what you need to do without ever coming into contact with the toilet.

3. The Funnel

It seems to have been designed especially for women who like to go to festivals, and it might not be to everyone's taste. You can get a plastic funnel that allows women to urinate while standing up. You simply hold it next to you as you urinate, and your pee flows out of the funnel and into the toilet. You will, of course, need to rinse it off after each use, and you will need a plastic bag to keep it in.

4. The Bags

Speaking of plastic bags, it can be a good idea to carry a number of small bags with you. Portable toilets are not designed for the disposal of female hygiene products, and if you really need to get rid of one you will need to seal it in a bag and throw it away with the trash. It's rather difficult to do this without a handy plastic bag, so don't forget.

Using a portable toilet is rarely as relaxing as using your own toilet, but it's possible to use one cleanly and quickly. You can then go and enjoy the rest of the festival!