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4 Tips for Landscaping Your Commercial Property

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If you have commercial property, it is important that you present the property in an attractive way. This begins with how you landscape it. Here are some tips for landscaping your commercial property.

Plant Low-Maintenance Lawn

One thing to keep in mind is that not only do you want an attractive and appealing landscaping design, but you also want something that is low-maintenance. Even if you have a professional landscaper to maintain the lawn and plants, you don't want to deal with constant watering, fertilizing, and taking care of dead spots. One great thing to do is to plant a low-maintenance lawn. You can do this by choosing commercial synthetic grass, which looks like grass but the fibers never need to be mowed or watered. There are also other types of low maintenance lawn that need some care, but not as much as grass, such as clover groundcover.

Install Water Features

If you have a large lawn on your commercial property, it might be difficult knowing what to do with all that empty space. You might want to have a water feature installed to make it appear more high-end, give customers and clients something beautiful to look at, and make the landscaping design appear more natural. There are small water features that are inexpensive and easy to take care of, plus larger water features that cost a bit more but leave a larger impact on the property. Small water features, like fountains or bird baths, will even attract butterflies, birds, and other beautiful wildlife to the property.

Improve the Entrance

Your landscaping should not just be done on the lawn, but near the entrance of the business as well. The walkway and entrance of your business, regardless of the type of commercial property you have, looks great with flowers, plants, and shrubs. For a small retail store, planting flowers in flower boxes on the windowsills is an easy option. With walkways and other types of commercial properties, you can also have small shrubs or bushes that are planted. They will add color, texture, and natural design to your landscaping.

Hire a Professional Landscaper

Regardless of the type of landscaping design you go with, it is helpful when you hire a professional. They can handle the lawn or artificial grass, water the plants and flowers, and pull weeds and control pests in the yard. This will allow you to always have a beautiful, well-maintained property that your customers and clients are impressed with.