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Basic Plumbing Supplies Every Homeowner Should Have

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There is nothing worse than dealing with a plumbing emergency but having to wait for your emergency plumber to make their way to your residence. Unfortunately, plumbing systems are quite intricate and they tend to succumb to wear and tear over time. As such, it is not unusual to find yourself needing to repair a component relating to your plumbing at one time or another. To make these situations less stressful, it would be best to have some basic plumbing supplies in your home. These supplies can hold off a plumbing emergency as you await professional assistance. Here are some of the basic plumbing supplies that every homeowner should have.

Plumber's putty and epoxy

This supply can come in quite handy when dealing with a leak. Although the putty will not stop the leak, it will stave it off for some time until a professional plumber can have a look at it by creating a temporary seal on taps and drains. Plumber's putty is a soft, malleable substance that comes in small tubs and is ready to use. It should only be applied on dry surfaces and you should wait for it to dry before giving your plumbing a test run. Having this supply in your home can go a long way in preventing water damage in your residence, as well as prevent wastage of water.

Epoxy is a mixture designed to be used on plumbing to fix holes and cracks until the damaged pipe can be permanently replaced. The difference between putty and epoxy is that epoxy can be used on both dry as well as wet surfaces. Additionally, epoxy provides a more secure bond when compared to putty. It should be noted that when using epoxy to stave off a leak, you should do so sparingly, as this compound can prove quite difficult to remove.

A pipe wrench

Due to the pressure at which water flows through your piping, the nuts and bolts affixed to the piping may become loose over time. Leaving these bolts loose can lead to your plumbing becoming misaligned, which could lead to severe plumbing problems in your residence. That is why it is recommended to carry out regular inspections on your piping to check for any loose nuts. A pipe wrench enables you to access those hard to reach pipes and secure their bolts before they come off.

A drain snake

Clogged drains and toilets are one of the most common occurrences in households. However, ignoring these clogs only gives the blockages a chance to grow, which leads to bigger problems in your piping. Having a drain snake in your home gives you the chance to address these clogs as soon as they occur. It should be noted that if your home experiences regular clogging, you should enlist professional plumbing services to determine and remedy the cause.