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4 Ways to Transform Pallets Into Beautiful Custom Furniture

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Moving into a new home and having to buy all new furniture can be something incredibly overwhelming, both in terms of what to choose and the cost implications. But what if ordinary wooden pallets could be transformed into stunning custom furniture? With a little creativity, some DIY knowledge (or the helping hand of a carpenter), you can create custom furniture that is not only affordable but really stands out from the identical furniture that can be found in department stores.

Pallet coffee table. Stack two pallets on top of each other, and you have made a coffee table with very little effort. You could either leave it just as it is or you could put it on wheels for a coffee table that's mobile. And, of course, you can paint the pallets or stain them with any colour or finish that you choose. For an industrial looking patio, this would be a fantastic coffee table for your deck.

Coffee table with glass top. To take this simple coffee table idea to the next level, it can be really effective to put a glass top over the very top of the pallet. This probably isn't a job that you would want to try at home because it requires some expertise working with glass, but take your pallet to any glazier and they'd be more than happy to help you out with this task.

Pallet sofa. You don't have to spend fortunes on a new sofa if you have two pallets handy. Join them together at a right angle and you will have formed an L shape that is the perfect basis for a small sofa. All you have to do then is secure the cushioning so that your new sofa is comfortable to sit on. And, of course, if you want your sofa to be longer, you can attach more pallets to each other lengthwise.

Pallet pet bed. Anyone with pets will attest to the fact that animals are just as fond of their home comforts as humans. Pet shops will charge you a ridiculous amount for a comfortable pet bed, but you can make your pooch or kitty their very own custom made bed with a pallet. Simply turn it upside down and fill it with cushioning so they can have a comfortable night's sleep in their new bed.

For more information about wooden pallets for sale, contact a local building supplies store.