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Exterior Home Renovations: Top Tips for Transforming Your Patio Area

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Planning for a renovation project presents an opportunity for you to increase both the functional and aesthetic appeal of your home. While so many homeowners often focus on remodelling their interior space, very few give enough attention to transforming their outdoor space. Here are a few essential tips you can follow when you are giving your patio a makeover.


It is essential for every patio space to have a doorway. If your patio does not have one, you should create one so as to give your guests the exceptional feeling of getting into a new space. The various options available for patio doors include sliding, swinging and folding designs. Sliding doors are the most ideal for patio areas as they are easy to operate and economical in terms of space (these doors glide horizontally and therefore no room is required for them to swing open). What is more, these doors can offer an extra-large opening for large items such as a barbecue grill to easily pass through.


Adding a little bit of greenery to your patio is a terrific way to complement the natural beauty of your landscape. Look for small containers or pots on which you can grow colourful flowers and climbing vines. Potted plants can conveniently be moved from one place to another, especially when the position of the sun changes. If your patio is somewhat restricted on floor space, you can integrate hanging plant baskets into your space. Plant baskets dangling from the ceiling of your patio are definitely a delight to look at. Just make sure they are not positioned in a way that can hinder free movement around your patio.


Don't shy away from adding traditional furnishings and stylish accents to your patio area. If you don't have the budget for new furniture, making new furniture arrangements and providing throw pillows for furniture can transform the setup of your patio space a great deal. Patio carpeting will help create a warm feel. When choosing patio furnishings, make sure they are designed for outdoor use where they will be directly exposed to harsh weather elements.


Even though patios primarily serve as getaways from hot interiors for several homeowners, inclement weather elements can often come in and spoil everything. In order to protect people and patio furnishings from the sun's harmful UV rays and heavy storms, you can add retractable awnings to your patio area. The shade provided by the awnings will protect you and your family as well as your outdoor furnishings from unfavourable weather conditions.