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Features to Include in Your New Custom Built Home That Will Increase Property Value

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When you are building a new custom built home, you not only want it to include features that will make it functional while you are living in the property, but you also want it to be resalable in the future. This means that you need to choose features for your custom built home that buyers on the market are known to pay extra for. This allows your home to be desirable to both you and the real estate market whenever it is listed. Before you finalise the design plans for your new custom built home, you need to be aware of the features that are seen as the most valuable to home buyers.


If there is one feature within your home that is known for being both stylish and functional, it is a fireplace. You can never have too many fireplaces positioned throughout your home, but it is best to have at least one located in the main living space. Since televisions are no longer on every wall of a home due to the popularity of tablets, fireplaces have become a feature within your home that is more popular.

Eat-In Kitchen

Instead of including a separate dining room in your home, it might be more worthwhile to include an eat-in area in your kitchen. This might include having bar stools attached to the kitchen island or a space within the kitchen that is designated for eating. More and more home buyers are looking for kitchens that are larger and specifically designed for families that want to congregate and spend time together in the kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms within your home, so it is a space that needs to be designed in a way that makes it most versatile and useful.

Ensuite Bath

It is also a good idea to consider installing an ensuite master bathroom that is attached to the master bedroom. This is a feature that you can use when you are living in the home, but it is also something that many home buyers will pay more for. You can even make the bathroom more functional by having multiple sinks installed and a Jacuzzi tub instead of just a shower. Having a bathroom that is roomy and complete with accessories that make it more versatile is something that is very appealing to buyers when you go to list your property on the open market. This means that your custom built home will need to have multiple bathrooms. 

For more information and ideas of what to include in your new home, contact a company that specializes in custom designed built new homes.