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Splashback Maintenance | 3 Steps To Remove Curry Stains From Your Glass Kitchen Splashback

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A glass kitchen splashback creates a look of unrivaled beauty thanks to its clean lines and aesthetic simplicity. But this elegant glass splashback will begin to look old and unsightly if you allow stains from cooking to embed themselves deeply into the surface for too long. Curry stains are typically more stubborn than other types of food stains because of the amount of spices involved in cooking them. Follow these steps in your quest to remove curry stains from your glass kitchen splashback.

Use A Solution Of Liquid Detergent And Water To Remove Stains From Surfaces

A solution of liquid detergent and water will work well to remove stains from your glass splashback surface. For this action, regular liquid dishwashing detergent is ideal. Simply mix the detergent into a cup of warm water until foam begins to form. Use a sponge to apply this solution across your entire kitchen splashback, paying special attention to the stained spots. Keep in mind that you may need to apply a little more pressure over the curry stains, but avoid putting too much pressure because you may end up cracking the glass. You'll also want to avoid using any abrasive material like steel wool because this may cause scratches and gouges on the glass.

Spray Glass Cleaner Over The Glass

Once you finish cleaning the glass kitchen splashback with the solution, your curry stains should either disappear or should have lightened considerably. Use a specialised glass cleaner to remove the remainder stains and smells from the curry. You can easily find a glass cleaner at a home improvement store. Glass cleaners are perfect for tackling stains, grime, oil spills and dust. Use it after the soap water solution to tackle any stains that still exist on the kitchen splashback more effectively. Keep in mind that glass cleaners contain certain chemicals, so you'll want to cover or keep away any exposed food.

Rinse With Water And Dry

Once you've applied the glass cleaner, you can rinse the splashback once again with a water-laden sponge for a thorough clean. Let the kitchen splashback dry before you use the area once again to prevent stains from attacking the wet surface.  Use a lint-free cloth to prevent water droplets from forming marks on the splashback surface. Your kitchen splashback should now be free of curry stains.

A glass kitchen splashback not only adds functional appeal, but it also adds elegance to a kitchen. Follow these steps to avoid unsightly curry stains on it.