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4 Things You Shouldn't Put in Your Garbage Can

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Having a waste collection service that hauls away all your household rubbish is a great convenience, but don't assume everything that is trash should be put in the collection bin. Here are some things you should avoid putting in your garbage can or the local rubbish collection bin.

Anything That Can Be Recycled

Make sure you consider whether or not something can be recycled before putting it in the rubbish bin. This is a common mistake made by people who feel like it would take too much time and energy to separate trash from recyclables. To make it easy for you, have two trash cans in your home side by side. Choose a different colour for the one for recyclables, such as green or blue. Let your family members know that all items to be recycled should be put in this coloured bin, which can then be emptied outside in your recyclable waste collection bin, which is also separate from the trash bin. Some items that you can often recycle include aluminum cans, glass bottles and cans, paper and cardboard and plastic items.

Batteries and Light Bulbs

There are also some basic household items that sometimes get put in the waste bin when they should really should be disposed of separately. For example, you don't want to put batteries in your regular rubbish bin. Batteries often contain dangerous chemicals that shouldn't be in the landfills. However, you also don't want to recycle them. A good option is to find nearby recycling centers that have a special section for items like batteries. Some major retailers will also provide battery collection services. Some light bulbs can be put in the trash, but fluorescent bulbs contain a small amount of mercury. Take these light bulbs to an appropriate hazardous waste facility.

Oil-Based Paint

While water-based paint should be fine in your rubbish bin as long as the paint can has a lid on it, oil-based paint is not good for the landfill. This is considered hazardous waste and should therefore be disposed of at a hazardous waste facility. Other paint-related items that can also be harmful to the plants and animals include paint strippers, varnish, stain and coating.

Automobile Fluids

Many fluids used in your automobile are not only bad for the environment if they leak after throwing them in the trash bin, but they can be flammable as well. If you are disposing of transmission fluid, brake fluid, gasoline or motor oil, find an appropriate facility. Local auto supply stores will often have waste collection services for these and other automobile fluids.

If you have any further questions about what you can and cannot dispose of in your rubbish bin, contact a company like Binshoot Bin Hire.