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Things You Need to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Scissor Lift for Your Jobsite

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For first-time users, there is a high risk of overlooking some important elements when hiring scissor lifts. This can jeopardise the quality if the service that you receive from the machine or compromise the safety of those who are using the machine that you have hired. Considering that you need the scissor lift to work several metres above the ground level, you need an aerial platform that will meet your specific needs in terms of the safety and productivity perspectives. If you are hiring a scissor, lift for the first time, the following are some of the important considerations that you should keep in mind:

Conditions at the Site 

Before you bring in the scissor lift that you want to hire, you should examine the specific places where you will have to use the scissor lift. The underfoot conditions will help you choose the right lift for your site applications. For damp conditions and a rough terrain, go for four-wheel drive lift scissor that will enable you to navigate the ground with ease. On the other hand, you can opt for a slab scissor lift if your job site has a fir or compacted surface.

Safety Measures for Your Workers

When using the scissor lifts, you workers are exposed to many safety hazards that could lead to serious injuries. When hiring, inspect the guardrails and make sure that they do have any cracks or corroded parts. They should be strong enough to keep equipment and workers from falling off from the work platform of the scissor lift. Secondly, go for a scissor lift that can safely accommodate the weight of the equipment and workers that you need to carry.  You should consult your service provider and inform them of the equipment or workers (an approximate figure) you will need to carry on the work platform. In this way, they will be able to give you a scissor lift that will meet your needs.

Exhaust Fumes from the Machine

For outdoor use, a fuel powered lift scissor will work for you because there are no ventilation problems. However, this is not the case when you need to do the work indoors. For indoor applications, you should go for an electric scissor lift with an electric battery. An electric scissor lift does not release any harmful emissions in the process, meaning that your workers can conveniently use it even in tight indoor space. Remember to protect your indoor floor from damage by going for a scissor lift with non-marking tyres.