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Features to Discuss with A Custom Home Builder for A Spacious Forever Home

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Most people who rent their homes would be elated to get the chance to build a custom house, as this opportunity comes with a wide range of advantages. Foremost, you gain a degree of financial freedom since your mortgage payments will build your equity in the home. Secondly, a custom home build allows you to tailor-make the property to suit both your immediate and your future needs.

But where some people mess up is by thinking large rooms is the way to go since they are under the impression that this will ensure their residence is spacious. In reality, the spaciousness of your new home will depend on how well designed the floor plan is as well as its execution. To help you along, here are some features to discuss with a custom home builder for a spacious forever home. 

A double or triple garage 

Many people don't pay much attention to the size of their new garage. As long as it has been included in the building plans, you likely will assume that it will be sufficient for your vehicle and your partner's car. However, garages are not solely utilized for the storage of cars. Most homeowners can agree that this area doubles up as a storage space for items such as seasonal clothes, holiday decorations, gardening equipment, and so much more. With that in mind, you need to be proactive about making sure that your garage will be capable of accommodating these future needs.

The best way of doing so is by having your custom home builder construct a double or a triple garage. To make the most of the additional space provided by expanding the garage, you can also ask your custom home builder to build shelving and overhead cabinets that will provide you with extra storage so that your household items do not obstruct the cars when parked inside this space. 

A basement 

Basements may not be commonplace in Australia. Nonetheless, by embarking on custom home construction, you have complete freedom to include this architectural feature in your house and enjoy the advantages that come with it. To begin with, opting to integrate a basement into your custom home build provides you with the opportunity to add square footage to your property by building down. Hence, you do not have to sacrifice yard space for an extra functional room. Secondly, basements are highly versatile.

As long as your custom home builder waterproofs and finishes it, you can make use of this room in a multitude of ways. For example, the basement can start as a man cave or lady lair depending on your references. Alternately, if you or your partner starts working from home, it can be converted to a home office or a study. With the right planning, the opportunities are endless.