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Are There Laws Related to Asbestos Removal?

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You might have heard about asbestos and the fact that it can pose a serious health hazard. However, you could be curious if there are actually laws about asbestos and asbestos removal. The truth is that there are a variety of laws out there regarding asbestos that are designed to keep people safe. These vary from country to country and even from one state or territory and another, but these are some basics you'll probably like to know about.

You Aren't Allowed to Use Building Materials Containing Asbestos

Building materials that contain asbestos are illegal. Therefore, when building a home or other structure, you and your building contractor are not allowed to use them. In fact, you'll probably find them to be very difficult to find since they aren't allowed to be made anymore. However, some older structures do still have asbestos present if asbestos-containing building materials have not been removed.

You May Be Required to Disclose the Presence of Asbestos

If you own a property that has asbestos present, and if you're aware of its presence, you might be required to disclose this when you sell your property. You can ask your real estate agent or real estate lawyer about this for more information if you're in the process of selling an older building.

You Might Be Legally Required to Remove Asbestos

Before living in a home you have just purchased, or before renting it out to someone, you might be required to remove any asbestos. Even if you aren't legally required to do this, however, you will probably want to because of the potential health hazards for your family or your tenants.

Asbestos Removal Might Have to Be Done By a Qualified Professional

In many places, asbestos removal has to be done by a qualified professional. Plus, it's safer and more effective to have this job done by a professional anyway.

Asbestos Removal Professionals May Be Required to Follow Certain Laws

Of course, as the property owner, you are not the only one who has to worry about asbestos removal laws. The professionals who provide asbestos removal services for property owners like you typically have to follow certain laws and regulations, too. They might be required to undergo certain training and to become licenced to remove asbestos. They might also have to carry insurance and wear certain protective gear. As long as you hire a legitimate asbestos removal service, you should be able to rely on them to follow all of these applicable laws when they are removing asbestos from your property.

For more information on asbestos removal, contact a professional near you.