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Civil Works and Park Renovation

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Local parks around the country are seeing renovations and upgrades by the civil works department. You may be wondering what type of renovations and remodelling they are doing. This is especially concerning for residents when the park appears to be in top working order. If this is happening near you, or if your park is in line for a renovation, here are some things to keep in mind as a resident in the area.

Splash Pads

One reason the civil works department may decide to renovate or upgrade a park deals with splash pads. Splash pads are becoming increasingly popular with parks and civil works departments. These offer a place for children to safely play without the need for a large swimming complex to be installed. Splash pads generally have several features that range for different age groups. You may have a toddler area that is in a safer zone while larger splash pad features are located in an area for older children. 

New Drainage

One of the issues the park may be having deals with drainage. Over time, older parks can begin to experience drainage issues. This can be from older equipment, landscaping, or simply old pipes and drainage options that can no longer hold up to the elements. When this happens they will need to replace the drainage, dig new drainage, and put in new drainage lines. This can take several weeks, but the outcome is reduced chances of pooling water and issues with plumbing that may cause health concerns. 

New Safe Equipment

If the park is older, the park equipment may be in disrepair. For example, you may have benches in the park that are starting to break down and rust. There is only so much a rust prevention treatment and new paint can do to help this over time. At some point, new equipment, bathrooms, benches, and even landscaping will need to happen. The end result is the civil works department providing a safer environment for not only children but also their families and other visitors to the park. 

Civil works will usually notify the area residents of park closures for upgrades and renovations. They will also discuss what additions they will make and what other upgrades are slated for the specific park. If you have concerns about these upgrades and renovations, you can discuss them with the city or make an appeal to the city if safety is a concern for you and other residents.