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Benefits Of Hiring A Land Surveyor

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A land surveyor is a critical aspect of any property development project. Unfortunately, most clients underestimate the value of these professionals. Below is a detailed article on why you should consult a land surveyor before you commence your construction project. 

Preventing Disputes

Disputes are bound to occur if you do not conduct due diligence on the land you purchase. For instance, you must ensure that the details in the title document match those at the lands office. If not, you risk legal disputes with the local council or your neighbours. A land surveyor is best placed to conduct title searches to establish the legality of your title document. If it has some errors, the professional advises the best course of action to ensure the property's title meets the set requirements. 

A land surveyor can also consult with the local lands office to establish whether the property has some existing easements. Remember, an easement significantly affects how you can develop your property. For instance, if a utility company has the right to erect power lines on the property, you cannot build on the section that has an easement. Your surveyor also advises you on how you can nullify an easement order and gain absolute rights to your land. 

Most property developers would want to ensure maximum use of their land. As such, they are likely to stretch their property to the land boundaries. However, what would happen if you unknowingly built on a neighbouring property? You risk legal action and significant loss of funds if you encroach on neighbouring land. Land surveyors assess land maps and use sophisticated mapping and surveying instruments to establish the exact boundaries of your land. This way, you avoid boundary disputes with your neighbours. 


Subdivisions are a critical aspect of any property development plan. For instance, some investors would want to create off-the-plan developments where they sell units with a freehold title. On the other hand, they would like to sell part of their land to raise cash for their new development. Some also use subdivisions as a creative way to safeguard their property. For example, they could use a section of their land as collateral for a development loan. This way, they do not lose the entire development to lenders if they cannot repay the loan. 

Your land surveyor is your best bet at subdividing your land. Typically, the professional comprehends zoning and subdivision laws. For instance, they know the minimum land size and the amenities needed in the new subdivisions. Moreover, they understand the process of lodging a subdivision plan and the licences required to attain new titles for the new plots.  

For more info about land surveying, contact a local company.